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About Me

Following observation & theory work, in January 2021 I carried out a hands on apprenticeship at Bellezza Moda in Regina, SK. I learned from and worked beside many amazing people and piercers. My apprenticeship fostered my love of beautiful piercings and body modifications. After taking some time off, I decided I was ready to dive back into the world of body piercing.


I decided to begin working independently as Pierced by Jayden in April 2022, driven by passion for cleanliness, excellence, and safety. I worked for six months to independently create the piercing & sterilization set up of my dreams. Filled with only the most quality materials, my cart is sure to have the right tools, cleaning supplies, & jewelry for you!

I am so excited and proud to further grow my set up.


 Located at 917 11th Avenue, Roxii's Studio quickly became my new piercing home, where I am surrounded by amazing, talented, and beautiful clients & coworkers! This studio is a body positive & safe space, is decked out in the cutest décor, and has the most welcoming vibe in the city. I am beyond proud to call this studio my home- it is simply amazing.

My passion for piercing intertwines with my passion for cleanliness and proper sterilization. In a largely unregulated industry, I take pride in performing safe, beautiful, and reliable piercing services with quality materials. It is important to me to maintain and properly perform sanitization, disinfection, sterilization, and cleaning habits. 

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My Piercing Interests and Goals

Currently my biggest interest is curations/projects. I love strategically building ear and facial piercing outfits to let your unique anatomy and style shine! Projects with personal meanings, symbolism, and featuring main jewelry pieces are my favorites!

I am also interested in exploring gender affirming piercings with clients. I am not currently booking genital piercings, but hope to learn more about the technique and how these piercings can be gender affirming.

My goals are to further learn the best way to provide and deliver the best piercing experience I can. I am committed to my learning, regardless of how long I've been piercing. 

One day I told Roxii, the studio owner, that "I'm an eco-freak!"

I am excited to further my ecofriendly efforts & packaging. I hope to become more carbon neutral in all areas of my services and business.

If you are a client or piercer interested in working with me on any of these ideas, goals, or projects please feel free to contact me! I would love to work with you!

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