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Facial Piercings

I currently offer eyebrow/anti eyebrow, nostril, septum, and sideburn facial piercings. Facial piercings can be designed to add a little flare to your look, or to make a statement. Either way, I want to help you achieve the facial piercing set up of your dreams!


Facial Piercing Aftercare

During your aftercare, follow these tips & tricks in addition to your regular aftercare routine:

  • Keep pillow cases nice and clean!

  • Be extra cautious while washing your face.

  • Avoid heavily scented or thick products on, around, or in the piercing.

  • You can continue to wear face makeup, just avoid application directly on the piercing holes.

  • With nose piercings, avoid getting pierced during your allergy season(s).

  • Be cautious not to snag your piercing on towels, clothing, wash cloths, etc.

  • Lay off smoking and drinking beer (for oral piercings).

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