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Ready to book?

Great! I'm so glad to hear it!

The next steps require research, booking your appointment, and getting prepared for it! 

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Step One: Do Your Research

Do your research!

Investigate the piercing you are interested in getting by consulting piercers, friends with the piercing, or reliable sources online. Learn about the healing time, process, lifestyle changes, jewelry options, and overall expectations of the piercing.

Consider how many piercings you want to get at once.

I recommend no more than 2 lobe piercings, on each side, per session. I recommend receiving no more than 2 or 3 cartilage piercings per session. That being said, all bodies are different, and each person has different pain tolerances and experiences. So, I will never suggest you "push through" to get more piercings in a sitting. I will not continue to perform piercings in a session if the client is experiencing nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, extreme anxiety, or any other safety-compromising effects.

Consider your jewelry expectations.

Are you hoping to get pierced with a certain piece of jewelry? Do your research and discuss with a piercer whether it is healthy for to use as initial jewelry. Do your research on terms like implant grade and the pros & cons of certain shapes or styles.

Consider your choice in piercer.

Do your research on their standards of sterilization, safety, and cleanliness. Decide if you like the jewelry and service they offer. Look at pictures of their work, and read their reviews and client testimonies. Consider if you feel the piercer has and will maintain a safe space. It is important to choose the piercer that is right for you!

After gathering what may feel like an obsessive amount of information, go forth and book!

I wish you luck on your piercing journey and sweet new body modification! 

Step Two: Book Your Appointment

Wanna book with me? Yay! Follow the link to see my schedule and book in:

Don't have a card to book online? Message me @piercedbyjayden:

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Step Three: Your Appointment Checklist

Before your appointment make sure to:

  • Eat in the within two hours of appointment time

  • Bring your government issued photo ID

  • Come sober 

  • Drink water & sleep well the night prior

  • Avoid drinking alcohol the night before

  • Avoid drinking lots of coffee the day of your appointment 

  • Know your current prescriptions and medical history 

  • Bring a hair tie for ear/facial piercings (no worries if you forget, I have them)

  • If you have a history of feeling dizzy or sick during piercings, bring snacks & water (I also have snacks & drinks)

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Step Four: The Appointment

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time.

I schedule enough time for us to go through consent, expectations, selecting pieces, and aftercare! Be prepared to read over and sign various consent forms.

If you will be late to your appointment, please contact me and let me know as soon as possible.

If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, your appointment time will be considered forfeited.

Please note, a deposit will be required for clients who no show- do not show up without providing notice- more than twice.  A full cancellation policy is available on my booking site.

Bring valid, government issued photo ID to your appointment.

Pictures of your ID will not be accepted. Guardians must be present and have government issued photo ID for themselves, as well as some form of ID for the minor they are consenting on behalf of. Consult this chart to see what is acceptable for ID. It is illegal to provide false photo ID.

If there are certain adjustments you need your piercer to make, tell them!

Any good piercer will be happy to make your experience the best it can be. Consider if you require a silent, sensory friendly, or longer appointment to accommodate any extra steps we should take to make you comfortable and safe. Heads up for modified appointments are very apricated, and allow me to properly schedule enough time for your appointment. 

Be prepared for any anxiety or physical discomfort you may experience.

Some clients remain totally calm throughout the piercing process and others are anxious from the minute they walk in to the minute they walk out. That being said, you should never push yourself to a state of anxiety that harms you, just to get a piercing. I do not advise deceiving children by telling them it will not hurt. Products like numbing cream are available for purchase at pharmacies, drug stores, or some tattoo shops. 

There is minimal pain associated with every piercing, and I believe each participant should provide informed and enthusiastic consent- regardless of age. 

Step Five: Aftercare, Questions, & Concerns

Your piercer should offer and provide the option to contact them throughout the healing process if you have questions, comments, or concerns. 

It is your responsibility to follow your piercer's/industry standard aftercare. Additionally, you are responsible for making the lifestyle adjustments required for healthy healing of the piercing. It is important you maintain proper aftercare of your piercing to preserve it's angle, health, and safety. Piercings can become infected and cause you more harm than good if you do not pay mind to them!

I offer aftercare guidance and troubleshooting advice for all piercings, regardless of who preformed them. It is important to me to share industry standard advice to everyone who needs it. I believe healthy healing should be accessible to everyone who receives body modifications!

If something went wrong during your appointment, your piercer should document it- any incidents, big or small. You should, and have the right to, feel confident in communicating concerns with your piercer or another member of the staff.

Optional: Share Your Piercing & Experience!

Artists deeply apricate having their work loved and shared! Leaving reviews, testimonies, sending an email, or sharing a picture of your piercing will have your piercer smiling. Recommendations keep our services alive!

Tipping is never expected, but always super apricated! Sometimes budgets are tight and I totally get that. Never feel pressured to tip or spend more money than works with your current finances.


Taking care of existing piercings, especially healing ones, is a priority- getting new ones is not. Remember that!

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