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Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are the bread and butter of the body piercing industry! I provide quality, reliable jewelry and piercings, allowing you to put your mind at ease. Book an appointment to get your next ear piercing or book a consultation to build your dream ear look with me.


Ear Piercing Aftercare

During your aftercare, follow these tips & tricks in addition to your regular aftercare routine:

  • Be extra careful not to snag jewelry while grooming hair, washing, etc.

  • Avoid sleeping on the side of fresh/healing piercings, but keep pillow cases clean (just in case).

  • Clean off products like hairspray or shampoo immediately.

  • Consider getting your piercings in your off-season if you play sports, especially with helmets or contact.

  • Wear long hair up if ear piercings are especially irritated.

  • Be cautious with toques, hats, helmets, hairnets, etc. with healing and healed piercings. Keep these items clean.

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