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Body Piercing

Body piercings are a great way to explore body modifications and can help you feel more confident in your skin!


Roxii's Studio/Pierced by Jayden is a safe and body-positive space. This means you will never be asked to remove unnecessary clothing, judged for your body, or rushed through the process. By using needles, hospital grade sterilization, continued education, and implant grade jewelry, Pierced by Jayden provides the best quality piercing experience possible.

Book your next body piercing with me or schedule a consult to check things out before committing to the poke!


Body Piercing Aftercare

During your aftercare, follow these tips & tricks in addition to your regular aftercare routine:

  • I do not recommend getting body piercings while playing contact sports.

  • Avoid high waisted pants for navel piercings.

  • Consider different sleeping positions that do not put pressure on your piercing(s).

  • Avoid lace, or otherwise textured, bras for nipple piercings.

  • Avoid contact with saliva & other bodily fluids.

  • Be gentle!

  • Try soaks by filling a CLEAN shot glass with your saline.

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