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Enjoy your new bling- I'll worry about making sure everything is safe for your body and piercing!


Be excited to admire your new, unique piercing!

Let's work to create your perfect piercing.


Let your mind be at ease, all jewelry and tools are sterilized as per industry standards.


Client Testimonials

What clients have to say about my services:

When Jayden pierced me, I was so happy with my experience as I felt very comfortable and I didn’t feel nervous. [Jayden] made me feel relaxed and calm beforehand. She was very thorough with her explanations and shared her extensive knowledge. During my appointment, everything was very sanitary and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Sydney (she/her)

The process of the actual piercing process was very quick, in that Jayden was fast with sticking the needle through and putting the jewelry in which ultimately made for a better experience overall for me personally. Jayden is very organized and clean as well, and I have had no concerns in regards to the quality of piercer Jayden is. As a result of following Jayden’s tips and tricks regarding aftercare, I have been left with several beautifully healed and hassle-free piercings. Overall from start to finish it was a very much pleasant experience, as the professionalism that Jayden demonstrates leaves you wanting to return for more!

Taelor (she/her)

Jayden is an amazing piercer! I’ve been following her on her journey since late 2020-early 2021 and she’s always been so sweet and helpful! I’ve gotten so many piercings done by her that I can’t even count anymore, but what I love is that whoever I recommend go to her, they have the same amazing experience I always received! Jayden is very knowledgeable in her practice and I know I’m always in good hands when I come to her for piercings

Darleen (she/her)

Pierced By Jayden

Be confident in your piercing and jewelry quality.

I am dedicated to quality products and service. My biggest priorities are my clients, their safety, and experiences.

All my supplies is of industry standard, made of quality material, and is properly sterilized before each use.

Appointments allow for more focus on each client, a cleanlier environment, and an overall more private & comfortable piercing experience. As such, all piercings/shopping must be booked online: no walk-in hours.

Check @piercedbyjayden for occasional walk-in availability. Same day appointments are usually available!


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